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​Feel Your Pain

This song is by Benzino and appears on the album The Benzino Project (2001).

(Napoleon (Benzino))
Don't worry soulja (Made
Yo, pain ain't nothin' but a part of the game
They got us real fucked up
Ain't nothin' but a part of the game, deal wit it [Napoleon]
Life -- is a hustle, I got my .45 waitin to bubble I lost a lot of my loved ones to the struggle
It's like I'm holdin' back my breath through a muzzle
It's like I got one more piece to complete the puzzle
You only got one chance 'cause I don't love you
And I'll be boned if I cock back and slug you
For all my dead niggas, that's above you
It's like a feud, my family ain't around they done
And if I lose one more soulja I'ma drown someone
Makaveli? I give you eight to ya belly
Khadafi, please tell the cops to stop me
My brother
Seeky, I'ma ride all night for ya
This to my main man comin' from a
Made nigga
And do the same for
Gustafa and
Mike soulja I feel your pain, hold ya head, let's get paid nigga [Benzino]
And anytime you wanna talk about the situation, involve me
Yo hear my number
Polly, call me I understand just what your goin' through I lost niggas too... I shed tears too... I can't cry no more, yo
Tony what'chu die for?
Three strike 915 is what I ride for
You and
Roc hold it down, we aight (we aight) I think I live this long, 'cause I live by the gun
We with the
Outlawz, sippin
Henny all night
Been goin' through that shit since day one
But that's the question, I know my life is dee-per so feel me
Cheated death many times when niggas tryed to kill me [Chorus -
Noble] I feel yo' pain! -
Sick torment till he's guarded
Keep us caged like dogs, go to shit in the yard
The only thing that's fucked up, we can't change this shit I feel yo' pain! -
Drownin in the rain and shit I feel yo' pain! -
Nigga yo I'm just like them I feel yo' pain! -
Speak it to ya straight from the heart
When I was broke on the block I had clips like them
No matter what you come across you gotta live, get lost [Kastro]
Ain't nothin' to fear in this love affair, when shared with the streets I'm in deep losin all kinds of sleep
Ain't no love, so my eyes don't blink
And I'm so shell-shocked I need to see a shrink
It stink, stinks so much I can't think
And chase my liqour with a bad temper
And when it hurts too bad, I numb it up with a drink
Too fuckin' blind for the big picture
Shit, ain't nobody to blame, can't nobody complain
Losin my mind, it's just a sign of the times, and when my loved ones go, part of my insides dying wit 'em
Can you feel my pain? [E.D.I.]
Would you look into my world and tell me what you see now?
Fuckin' with
Devils shit I'm tryna stay righteous
Nothing but emptiness,
God replinish this
Losin my love I ain't felt pain like this I fuck around lost the one thing priceless
Start of this motherfuckin game wasn't nice shit
Cars and broads won't do, dawg'll slice shit I'm just passin the time until my number hit
Fuck it I'll run wit it, until I feel I'm done wit it
Stack up the ones and let my sons come up rich
Clutchin a piece of the past, I move on
Using this pain to keep a nigga strong [Chorus -
Noble 2x] I feel it...