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Sad Like Winter Leaves

This song is by Benton Falls and appears on the album Fighting Starlight (2001).


You stood in line at the grocery store
A bottle of wine and nothing more
An empty apartment to come home too
It has been that way since 1972

The line on his face for every year she's missed
A scar on his arm for every tie he tried to follow her
A tear in his eye, for every day gone by
Going home to no one so you could hear him cry

If I brought you down
If I caused you to drown

He's sad like winter leaves
But she won't leave his mind tonight
He stares upon her picture on the wall
Then begins to cry

Let it go

He waits till the sunrise
A broken glass in on the floor
The salt is dried upon his cheek
We've seen this all before

Let it go

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