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All These Things

This song is by Benton Falls and appears on the album Fighting Starlight (2001).

I promise you all I won't fall down
I promise you all I won't skin my knee
Like you promised you'd always be around to take good care of me

And I remember you standing behind a white picket fence with a white peaked face
trying hard to embrace my youth
before it escapes, before its too late
and clutching the fence she said

'How have I hurt you, What have I done?'
'Did I desert you, or spite with my tongue?'
'Was I too eager, or loved you too much?'
I love you too much

Now that I'm all grown. I'm feeling so alone
Why have you brought me here?

You say all these things I say but It's not the same
I'm feeling so alone today but all I know
I'll ice my thoughts I'll ice my mind for now

It's not your fault, You did what you could do
For this I will love you, for always
you hold my tiny heart and my tiny hand
thank you for all these things

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