Bent Not Broken:It Was Over Lyrics

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It Was Over

This song is by Bent Not Broken.

Rewind to the first time, the first time that I saw her
She was quite a sight to see with hair, hair of golden
Blue eyes that mesmerized any boy, any boy she'd see
And then she set her sights on me, and I accepted gracefully
And we became the best of friends,

And I was having such a good time
I almost didn't see, she wasn't exactly what I needed
And it was over before it started,
We could have been something but nothing now that we've parted
And good intentions they had turned sour
I missed her, dismissed her, but I had to let her go

If looks could then I'd be dead but I chose to take the bus instead
As I was waving goodbye I really do regret that, that things never did work out
I know that the best is yet to come

Cause 2 + 2 does not equal 5 and me and you we were not meant to be
It takes time for our words to mend
And I know that we can still be friends, be friends

Sing Whoa...
Sing Yeah...
Sing Whoa...