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The Story Can't Play (Feat. Union Jack)

This song is by Beng Beng Cocktail and appears on the album From The Swallow To The Bottle (2009).

You want to keep stories hidden but evidences have showed up years ago
You took the benefits of helping killers throughout the Second World War
In order to serve your specials interests and expand your empire
Your better remember all villages you tortured and let down in fire

BENG BENG BENG the story can't play
When I see how you've expressed love through the century
BENG BENG BENG the story can't play
I feel like I want to throw up my entire body
You don't teach peace and you're never learned from the past, I am tired and scared
Of figuring out why you don't grasp

You assigned to justice Amnesty Int. for supporting woman rights
By cutting down their budgets you expect more prayers on your side
Once again peace and aid are found to be inferior to financial matter
Can't you see how bad woman have been considered so far?

Religion based-on articles are included in constitution texts
This your way not to separate your structures from the state

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