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Social Control

This song is by Beng Beng Cocktail and appears on the album From The Swallow To The Bottle (2009).

Since we retain to claim our innocence

Have you ever thought this given society where you control each of my actions
Tricks my mind like the hundreds of bullets you have shot in Brixton?
All right, you may need me to go through some explained details
Absurd regulation to prevent chaos, that's what you slapped at my face

You can't deny, were the same inside
When I look in your eyes, I feel so sick to my stomach, I want to die
This pattern weaves such wicked lies
Wicked like badman, stomping through the ghetto, shrapnel, flying metal
Duck for cover, you're marked, your bluff is called
Your turn is up, prepare to fall, utopia doesn't exist
This insecurity blanket expires

Illusion of protection affects your condition
From the bum drunk in the alley: think to the bills you must pay
To the prisons where you experiment fear
It won't make you feel better

Since we retain to claim our innocence

The dark light coming out from your eyes makes my pupil damn dilated
And when I see you fitting your truncheon, my thoughts are dictated by fear
If you look at my teeth you may see how hard I clench my jaw
Not to suck your dick or lick your balls I would prefer being an outlaw

Hopeless searches lead to nothing
All the while you hope for something
These dogs of war, forever hunt, freedom kills, and so much more
Awaits your life to come, and all you really need, is courage to look
Yourself, in the eyes, and not feel sick, not hesitate, you'll succeed
Deconstruct your vicious circle, yeah were all the same
I blame social control and what unfolds, on laziness, this filthy game
Convenience kills, and leaves this wretched, sad humanity

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