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Paranoia on the Waves

This song is by Beng Beng Cocktail and appears on the album From The Swallow To The Bottle (2009).

The degree of fear of people has risen so great
From shoplifting you put the blame on the TV set
To the TV commercials tell you who you are
Can't avoid this broadcast of one size fits all
You insist that your wife needs some plastic surgery
Let the doctor design her in the beauty factory
She's getting too fat so we need to find a cure
It's time to lose some weight like the people of Darfur

Paranoia on the waves, fear on the rise. You don't know who you are

You make your brain so influenced by the BBC channel,
That your eyes cannot even longer tell between the fake and the real
The Courbet* show is ready to tell new stories to your neighbour,
And Nagui* buzz-markets these shitty talents for a 14 years old girl
You make your brain wrecked by the BBC channel,
That your eyes can no longer tell what's real
TV is full of lies; fear and paranoia are on the rise
What the fuck? TV is full of lies

Paranoia in the western world has tripled in last 10 years amongst students
TV books tickets to paranoia and terrorizing view for the crime that may soon happen
Our head of government elects the France TV president to keep control,
And that is why we ask ourselves; does Democracy still work for all?


  • Courbet and Nagui are two French TV anchors

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