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This song is by Beng Beng Cocktail and appears on the album From The Swallow To The Bottle (2009).

Another night, another fight, a bad man comes when all is all right
Using his gun against a bum, one more dead head
I'm drinking' some wine with my friends under the street's light
He's saying shit and doesn't like that fucking crack rock steady beat
He seems to be a fucking sheep
He has reached the peek of alcohol and he's leaving in the street
I think he's going to sleep
This man is coming with an angry gait
There's so much hate,
There is so much hate in her eyes

Animosity is everywhere, in the streets and in the air
Society is infested by pain, for it it's the only aim
The NRA rhymes with shame, vomiting so many deads
Selling guns for protection but at the end it's our destruction

Now you think you're the new lord,
Gun in your hand and you're just 15 years old
You've got this kind of childhood,
That we can only live in the hood
The NRA leads our world to decay,
Selling death everyday
Building the streets trapped with bullets
All the kids will be in arrest
Red the only colour in your head
You belong to this gang,
And you're proud to speak this slang
You're not old and it's your end,
All you needed was a good spank

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