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Going Down To The Depth Of Pain

This song is by Beng Beng Cocktail and appears on the album From The Swallow To The Bottle (2009).

God spreads his hate across the world
Going down to the depths of pain
Closely running with the Tans,
Who belongs to the land of insanity

The Tans is managing our destiny through his motion without any emotion
He deals with us and never paid any attention to us
Injuring our minds and turning reality into passion (and belief)
So keep in mind he is not blind
Don't mess with him because he can kill the human kind
So we have been told: 'do not hide our weaknesses'
Because betrayed sky's king will always be the witness
You say Master Tans makes you become stronger,
Harder and harder you are applying his orders
Be sure angels are just god soldiers
And that the reason why mankind will never be better
If god physically exists, call him TANS
BBC still sticks atheist because human beliefs we focus on is so intense

Tans is the Master of the masters, Satan/God/Devil or whatever you call it

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