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This song is by Beng Beng Cocktail and appears on the album From The Swallow To The Bottle (2009).

So here we are I bet you couldn't have imagined
That above my head clouds could one day get away
You harmed my heart you hurt my soul to prove your death inside your core
It has been a pain, which rose inside of me
I wanted to stab a fork straight in your hand and bury you under the sand
Needless to say I could improve myself when I was wrong
Because I am not the one you could mess with
What about the lies I was surrounding by?
Where about is the truth I was seeking out?
What about you guy who set the rules?
Whom I will never be captured by, I just fuck you
Yeah leave that shit for your own ass, motherfucker right?
If not my heart will get harder and harder it is going to be a hurricane
More than a storm under my skin that takes my breath away
What the fuck did you want me to do? Am I in the right way? I was questioning myself
Be aware of your fucking pride and stay away from me you have used me enough
I think you are just a dickhead for god sake get awake
Here comes insanity and I will cut your wings off
So that you will crawl on the floor
I go ahead! I am not here for a life of pain anymore. Here is the time; Do it yourself!

I am a bit confused now, I want to raise my head high and then achieve my aims
I don't need to hear your instructions nor your help,
Let me try to live alone, let me strengthen my bones and find out what is my role
Remember that day you argued I could never pass the wall
Well, this wall was not that high, I climbed it fast my soul is free now
Far from you bitch, I will embrace life
When you said I screwed up my life at all,
I could hear your laugh from my chair cunt!
Each of my steps goes along with my mind; I can finally apply my thoughts and facts
So you see mate, don't sweat the tomorrows anymore
The best way to go through them has been said two lanes above
Lots of expectancy in your eyes
Afterwards you'll keep that on and on and on, all right?
And please don't lose that man, for nothing in the world

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