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My Enemy

This song is by Benefit.

"I'm on the run
It's after me
It won't stop attackin me
Everywhere I look I see hip-hop blasphemy
I'm runnin' down the street in the middle of the night
Ill never loose sight
I forever will fight
Why is it after me
Why does it haffta be
So hard to actually
Be an emcee
Commercial hip hop
Just wont stop
I'm runnin' so hard
But it just wont drop
I duck in the alley catch my breath count to ten
Open up the source and there it is again
Starrin' me rite in the eye
Keep regenerating so I no it won't die
I throw the magazine
Look around the corner coast is clear
I take off running
Looking like a dope fiend
The commercial industry demon
Started screamin
I'm out of breath
Barely breathin
There's must be a way to end this madness
At least knock him out for the count at best
I dash into a record store tryin' to avoid him
Some other kids have tried but never destroyed him
I check the stores top 20 see what they got
There he is again and he's got the number 1 spot
I jet, covered in sweat, drippin wet
Kickin gear faster then a turbo vett
I'm runnin' hard
From this demon disease
But it doesn't come at ease
When you
The malls commin up on my rite hand side
I figure inside
It be easy to hide
I make my way in this mad crowded place
Everybody's more concerned with this diamonds face
I exit the mall
Leave the back way
Can't take it longer I been runnin' all day
I managed to make it to the subway
But the daemons gaining on me so I can't stay
I'm runnin' as fast as I can
I pause for a second and pull out a blue paint can
I begin taggin graffiti on the wall
As I keep griming the daemon starts to fall
Looks like he can't take real hip hop
Looks like I found out what makes the daemon drop
Keep burning till the wall it lit

And that's it
My tag reads BENEFIT
I ran out of pain just I was gonna do him in
I betta run the daemons getting up again
I exit the sub way back to the streets
Off in the distance I hear some dope beats
I run towards the music I think I'm gonna loose it
I'm runnin' so hard the my feet start bruising
I see glimpses

I drop to the ground and start break dancing
The daemon slows down
I pop into a stall
I do a windmill and the daemon starts to fall
Looks like it can't take real hip hop
Looks like I found out what makes the daemon drop
Imma keep breakin
Cept legs start shakin
I gotta stop 'cause my body can't take it
I get up
Start runnin' again
The daemon does the same guess this will never end
Still I hear the music that I heard before
And if commin from a hip hoop record store
I make it to the side and see ruckus adds
They got 2 turntables and 2 scratch pads
I jump behind the techniques and rip it indeed
I tear up the records till both of my hands bleed
Demon fell hard that commercial thug
But I had to stop scratchin there was too much blood
I went through 3 elements the daemon still thrillin
Now I can't believe all the blood that I'm spillin
The daemon gets back up on his feet
I grab in instrumental record and put on a dope beat
I can't run any more no energy
So I grab a mike and scream
Daemon come battle me
I started spittin' out metaphors rite and left
I told him that he needs to start bitin less
I told him he needs to come original
I told him that hip hop this is critical
Started shaking couldn't take it any more
Heart stopped beating and he fell to the floor
Looks like I found out what made him drop
And that was the end of commercial hip hop"

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