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Subconscious Terror

This song is by Benediction and appears on the album Subconscious Terror (1990).

Swirling void, unfathomable dark,
Inner cranial conflict.
Wading in detached reality,
Infinite illusion.

Dark abstract, vice - like grip
Subconscious terror!

Never underestimate the unseen.
Brain producing fear and hate.
Overpowering images,
The macabre side of you.

Physical untruths,
Fuel for it's cruel tricks.
What in reality is questioned.
Is reversed into the norm.

Immediate escape!
The vital need.
But you've been animated at half speed.

Still you run but trip,
Down into the bottomless abyss.
Consciousness will slowly dwindle,
As your nightmares assume control.

Float in mental purgatory,
Subconscious terror!

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