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Artefacted Irreligion

This song is by Benediction and appears on the album Subconscious Terror (1990).

Contained in blood scrawl,
Compiled evil artifacts.
Insane instigators
Of ritualistic pacts.

Bestial methods,
Age old torrid acts.
If darker side thus beckon,
In limbo boundaries must be smashed.

Delving demonic entrance,
Connecting incantations.
Doorway for unbeings past.

Induce, recite, summon reprise.
Bid welcome to Candarian 'Guise.

Possession escalates,
Your confused eyes revert.
Senses nulled, inert.

Induce, recite, summon reprise.
Bid welcome to Candarian 'Guise.

Your soul now quoshed,
With blinded eyes.
Your grasp impaired enlightenment.

Demonicus mortal!

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