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Wantin' Her Again

This song is by Ben Kweller and appears on the album Changing Horses (2009).

That girl she has me runnin' back and forth and over again
Says she's gonna love me but she just won't tell me when
She won't ever say, 'cause she just wants to play
Oh, she just wants me wantin' her again

She comes from California so she's got a lot of guys
Oh that's where she was born yeah, right beneath the ol' sunshine
I'm a lonely man but she don't understand
No, she just wants me wantin' her again

Ooh, she loves to know
Ooh, that I need to know
Ooh, everywhere she wants to go
That girl's a crook, got my heart in her pocket book
She don't even wanna be my friend
She just wants me wantin' her again

So don't you breathe a word of this or I will be dead meat
You're better off ignoring her of you see her on the street
She'll treat you the same, she hardly knows my name
Oh, she just wants me wantin' her again

Ooh, I thought about it
Ooh, I can live without it
Ooh, I'm gonna stand up straight
I'd appreciate all the things she's done
If that girl was smart she'd be on the run
She'd be happy to dig a hole and throw you in
She just wants me wantin' her again
Just wantin' her again, just wantin' her again

Written by:

Ben Kweller

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