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On My Way

This song is by Ben Kweller and appears on the album On My Way (2004).

"i want to kill this man
but he turned around ran.
I'll kill him with karate that i learned in japan.
He wouldn't see my face, i wouldn't leave a trace
I would'nt use a bullet cause i bullet's a discrace.

Aw, mom, i never though that i was a murdering man
but tonight i'm on my way.

There's this drawer that i know in a house up the road
that's full of things that are easily sold.
When they go out of town i could go and snoop around
and make myself rich off the things i'd found

aw, mom i never thought that i was a stealing man
but tonight i'm on my way.

I was sitting on the bleacher staring at the speaker,
reading his lips but i could not understand.
So i opened up my ears and clearly i could hear
this detailed story all about a grain of sand.

aw, mom i always dremt of being a good listener
so tonight i'm on my way.

There's this kid you gotta meet. He lives across the street.
He's got spirit and heart. We're 10 years apart.
He is up for anything. He can hang with anyone.
He still likes the things we used to think were fun.

aw, mom i never thought that i could have a friend
but tonight i'm on my way.

I'm in love with someone who's as pretty as a flower.
Her life gives me power so i'm buying her a ring
She makes hats with her hands.
she is such an artist.
I'm her biggest fan and i'm teaching her to sing.

aw, mom i never thought that i could love no one
but tonight i'm on my way.

oh, tonight
I'm on my way.

Written by:

Ben Kweller

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