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Living Life

This song is by Ben Kweller and appears on the album On My Way (2004).

The greenest trees you'll ever see
are the ones in your mind
And all the answers and the dreams
will come to you in time

Yeah, you are living life
the way you feel

I know the world around you
everyone shares the sky
You never see darkness
you are the daylight

Yeah, you are living life
the way you feel

Go away with a smile
Don't forget about your past
Don't keep yourself from giving
I am always watching you
be yourself and stayin' true
'cause it makes me feel like life's worth living

The way you feel

I've never minded where you're going
I know that change is a part of you
I'm not gonna hide anymore, I'm gonna listen to myself
and maybe one day I can be real too

Yeah, you are living life
Yeah you are, you are living life
Don't you know that you are living life
the way you feel
And that is real.

Written by:

Ben Kweller

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