Ben Kweller:It's Up To You Lyrics

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It's Up to You

This song is by Ben Kweller.

looks like we found an escape for the public
the radio just hasn't played for seven years
new information for all the kids to soak up
my mac is down and i'm in tears

i am the makeup and the tongue ring and the mindless
the man behind the desk names her the dollar sign
we dance around the rosies and the blazin' fire
and with devotion wait in line

you gotta do your own thing, honey
and stay true
so please, make us believers, honey
don't ever leave us, honey

it's up to you

don't be so pressured to pay your debt to america
you're young, just do your thing, you'll see you're not alone
the fetal girl seems to be much more important
than the baby girl that's born

climb through the atmosphere
and hang out with some color
we stop and scratch our heads
and think like taking drugs
we are the cops, the crooks
the cats, the blind, the genius
it's time to take out your ear plugs

you gotta do your own thing, honey
and stay true
so please, let us cry on your shoulder, honey
you make me feel so much older, honey

it's up to you