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Hear Me Out

This song is by Ben Kweller and appears on the album On My Way (2004).

Breaking the Rubik's cube
Making me lose the beat
Blue jean-baby girl
We are an apogee
Down in the Christmas tree

Hear me out
You don't know I'm here

I want it all too soon,
Faster than laser beams
Come on people now,
Take your depressed friends out
They need a love to stay

Hear me out,
You don't know I'm here

I wanna come and play
Outside your bedroom gate
I wanna pick you up
Blue jean-baby girl
Take me to outer space

Phew... I've found it now,
All of the common places are in their face
The world is trapped inside
Taking me for a ride
And I don't know your name

Hear me out,
You don't know I'm here.
(Hear me out)

Written by:

Ben Kweller

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