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Mama's Trippin'

This song is by Ben Harper and appears on the album The Will to Live (1997).

Can you tell me why
you're so uptight
out of your head
and ain't talkin right

Can you tell me why
your mind ain't straight
out of touch
and can't relate

Mama's trippin'
daddy's slippin'

Everybody's talkin' 'bout
keepin' it together
but I see people splittin'
when there's inclement weather

What you want is what I want
so why can't we agree
if I could be inside of you
maybe I could see why

Mama's trippin'
daddy's slippin'

You and I ain't spoken
ain't spoken for a week
soon there won't be nothin'
nothin' left to speak

Things ain't the same
since you've gone insane
let's take some time
and ease the strain

Mama's trippin'
daddy's slippin'

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