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Excuse Me Mr. / Burnin' and Lootin'

This song is by Ben Harper and appears on the album Live (1998) by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals.

This morning I woke up in a curfew
Oh- Lord, I said Oh- God, I was a prisoner too - yeah
I did not recognize those faces that are standing over me
These faces of brutality, of brutality - yeah

How many rivers do we have to cross, cross, cross
Before, before we can talk to the boss?
All that we've had, all that we've had
It seems we have lost, lost, lost
We must have really paid, really paid
Paid the cost, paid the cost

And that's why, that's why we gonna be
Burnin' and lootin' tonight
Yes, we (gonna be) burnin' and lootin' tonight
Burnin' and lootin' tonight
Burnin' all illusions tonight