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Pleasure and Pain (1992)Edit

Ben Harper & Tom Freund - Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and Pain

  1. Whipping Boy
  2. Jesus on the Main Line
  3. Pay the Man
  4. Quarter of a Man
  5. Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now
  6. Angel From Montgomery
  7. Click Yo' Heels
  8. You Should Have Come to Me
  9. Dust My Broom
  10. Sweet Home Chicago
  11. Pleasure and Pain

Welcome to the Cruel World (1994)Edit

Ben Harper - Welcome to the Cruel World

Welcome to the Cruel World

  1. The Three of Us
  2. Whipping Boy
  3. Breakin' Down
  4. Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave
  5. Waiting on an Angel
  6. Mama's Got a Girlfriend
  7. Forever
  8. Like a King
  9. Pleasure and Pain
  10. Walk Away
  11. How Many Miles Must We March
  12. Welcome to the Cruel World
  13. I'll Rise
  14. Bye and Bye I'm Goin' to See the King (hidden track)

Fight for Your Mind (1995)Edit

Ben Harper - Fight for Your Mind

Fight for Your Mind

  1. Oppression
  2. Ground on Down
  3. Another Lonely Day
  4. Please Me Like You Want To
  5. Gold to Me
  6. Burn One Down
  7. Excuse Me Mr.
  8. People Lead
  9. Fight for Your Mind
  10. Give a Man a Home
  11. By My Side
  12. Power of the Gospel
  13. God Fearing Man
  14. One Road to Freedom
  15. You Can't Blame the Youth

Excuse Me Mister (1996)Edit

Ben Harper - Excuse Me Mister

Excuse Me Mister

  1. Excuse Me Mister
  2. Remember
  3. Wicked Man
  4. Like a King (remix)

The Will to Live (1997)Edit

Ben Harper - The Will to Live

The Will to Live

  1. Faded
  2. Homeless Child
  3. Number Three
  4. Roses From My Friends
  5. Jah Work
  6. I Want to Be Ready
  7. The Will to Live
  8. Ashes
  9. Widow of a Living Man
  10. Glory and Consequence
  11. Mama's Trippin'
  12. I Shall Not Walk Alone
  13. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

Live (1998)Edit

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Live


  1. Voodoo Chile
  2. Faded
  3. Gold to Me
  4. Fight for Your Mind
  5. Power of the Gospel
  6. Excuse Me Mr. / Burnin' and Lootin'

Burn to Shine (1999)Edit

Ben Harper - Burn to Shine

Burn to Shine

  1. Alone
  2. Woman in You
  3. Less
  4. Two Hands of a Prayer
  5. Please Bleed
  6. Suzie Blue
  7. Steal My Kisses
  8. Burn to Shine
  9. Show Me a Little Shame
  10. Forgiven
  11. Beloved One
  12. In the Lord's Arms
  13. Wicked Man
  14. Nobody's Fault but Mine

Live From Mars (2001)Edit

Ben Harper - Live From Mars

Live From Mars

CD 1
  1. Glory and Consequence
  2. Excuse Me Mr.
  3. Alone
  4. Sexual Healing
  5. The Woman in You
  6. Ground on Down
  7. Steal My Kisses
  8. Burn One Down
  9. Mama's Got a Girlfriend
  10. Welcome to the Cruel World
  11. Forgiven
  12. Faded/Whole Lotta Love
CD 2
  1. Waiting on an Angel
  2. Roses From My Friends
  3. Power of the Gospel
  4. Pleasure and Pain
  5. Please Bleed
  6. The Drugs Don't Work
  7. In the Lord's Arms
  8. Not Fire Not Ice
  9. Beloved One
  10. Number Three
  11. Walk Away
  12. Another Lonely Day
  13. Like a King/I'll Rise

Diamonds on the Inside (2003)Edit

Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside

Diamonds on the Inside

  1. With My Own Two Hands
  2. When It's Good
  3. Diamonds on the Inside
  4. Touch From Your Lust
  5. When She Believes
  6. Brown Eyed Blues
  7. Bring the Funk
  8. Everything
  9. Amen Omen
  10. Temporary Remedy
  11. So High So Low
  12. Blessed to Be a Witness
  13. Picture of Jesus
  14. She's Only Happy in the Sun

There Will Be a Light (2004)Edit

Ben Harper - There Will Be a Light

There Will Be a Light

with The Blind Boys Of Alabama

  1. Take My Hand
  2. Wicked Man
  3. Where Could I Go
  4. Church House Steps
  5. 11th Commandment
  6. Well, Well, Well
  7. Picture of Jesus
  8. Satisfied Mind (cover of "A Satisfied Mind" by Red Hayes)
  9. Mother Pray
  10. There Will Be a Light
  11. Church on Time

Live at the Apollo (2005)Edit

Ben Harper - Live at the Apollo

Live at the Apollo

  1. 11th Commandment
  2. Well, Well, Well
  3. I Want to Be Ready
  4. Take My Hand
  5. Picture of Jesus
  6. Church House Steps
  7. Give a Man a Home
  8. Wicked Man
  9. Mother Pray
  10. I Shall Not Walk Alone
  11. Church on Time
  12. Where Could I Go
  13. There Will Be a Light
  14. Satisfied Mind (cover of "A Satisfied Mind" by Red Hayes)

Both Sides of the Gun (2006)Edit

Ben Harper - Both Sides of the Gun

Both Sides of the Gun

CD1 - Morning Yearning
  1. Morning Yearning
  2. Waiting for You
  3. Picture in a Frame
  4. Never Leave Lonely Alone
  5. Sweet Nothing Serenade
  6. Reason to Mourn
  7. More Than Sorry
  8. Cryin' Won't Help You Now
  9. Happy Everafter in Your Eyes
CD2 - Better Way
  1. Better Way
  2. Both Sides of the Gun
  3. Engraved Invitation
  4. Black Rain
  5. Gather 'Round the Stone
  6. Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating
  7. Get It Like You Like It
  8. The Way You Found Me
  9. Serve Your Soul

Lifeline (2007)Edit

Ben Harper - Lifeline


  1. Fight Outta You
  2. In the Colors
  3. Fool for a Lonesome Train
  4. Needed You Tonight
  5. Having Wings
  6. Say You Will
  7. Younger Than Today
  8. Put It on Me
  9. Heart of Matters
  10. Paris Sunrise #7
  11. Lifeline

White Lies for Dark Times (2009)Edit

Ben Harper - White Lies for Dark Times

White Lies for Dark Times

  • Released as Ben Harper & Relentless7
  1. Number With No Name
  2. Up to You Now
  3. Shimmer & Shine
  4. Lay There & Hate Me
  5. Why Must You Always Dress in Black
  6. Skin Thin
  7. Fly One Time
  8. Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)
  9. Boots Like These
  10. The Word Suicide
  11. Faithfully Remain
Bonus Tracks
  1. The Word Suicide (Live From Highline Ballroom)
  2. Up To You Now (Live At Sirius Radio)
  3. Eldorado
  4. Spanish Red Wine
  5. Shimmer & Shine Video on iTunes

Give Till It's Gone (2011)Edit

Ben Harper - Give Till It's Gone

Give Till It's Gone

  1. Don't Give up on Me Now
  2. I Will Not Be Broken
  3. Rock N' Roll Is Free
  4. Feel Love
  5. Clearly Severely
  6. Spilling Faith
  7. Get There From Here
  8. Pray That Our Love Sees the Dawn
  9. Waiting on a Sign
  10. Dirty Little Lover
  11. Do It for You, Do It for Us

By My Side (2012)Edit

Ben Harper - By My Side

By My Side

  1. Forever
  2. By My Side
  3. Gold to Me
  4. Diamonds on the Inside
  5. In the Colors
  6. Beloved One
  7. Not Fire Not Ice
  8. Morning Yearning
  9. Feel Love
  10. Happy Everafter in Your Eyes
  11. Waiting on an Angel
  12. Crazy Amazing

Childhood Home (2014)Edit

Ben Harper & Ellen Harper - Childhood Home

Childhood Home

  1. A House Is a Home
  2. City of Dreams
  3. Born to Love You
  4. Heavyhearted World
  5. Farmer's Daughter
  6. Memories of Gold
  7. Altar of Love
  8. Break Your Heart
  9. Learn It All Again Tomorrow
  10. How Could We Not Believe

Call It What It Is (2016)Edit

Ben Harper - Call It What It Is

Call It What It Is

  • Released as Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
  1. When Sex Was Dirty
  2. Deeper and Deeper
  3. Call It What It Is
  4. How Dark Is Gone
  5. Shine
  6. All That Has Grown
  7. Pink Balloon
  8. Finding Our Way
  9. Bones
  10. Dance Like Fire
  11. Goodbye to You

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  • b.1969
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar

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Ben Harper is a performance name for Benjamin Chase Harper.

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  • Fistful Of Mercy
  • Relentless7 + Jason Mozersky (guitar), Jesse Ingalls (bass), Jordan Richardson (drums)


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