Benjamin Gibbard:Where Our Destination Lies Lyrics

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Where Our Destination Lies

This song is by Benjamin Gibbard.

You say you don't want to know where this road goes
As you follow its twist and its turns
If i'm gonna be someone equally free
There are things that i must unlearn

I'd say it's safe to surmise there'll be storms at times
Cause you're a wind so blustery and cold
And down our cheeks the rain will fall in sheets
'til the sun warms us both

The pavement's the drum and we're waltzing in beat
The rhythm of the sound of our shoes on the street
I'll take care of you if you take care of me
If you take care of me

You say you don't want to know where this road goes
Cause you don't want to spoil the surprise
We will see you're eventually
Where our destination lies
Where our destination lies

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