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This song is by Ben Folds and appears on the leaked version of the album Way to Normal (2008).

If you ever been brainwashed then you know all about, yeah
How it feels to be messed with till your insides fall out, yeah

'Cause when you're being fucked with to no end
Suddenly the walls are starting to
Close in, close in, close in

Because you're brainwashed, yeah
You are brainwashed
Because you're brainwashed, yeah, you
If only I can see behind those eyes
Why don't you pick on someone else your own size?

I never was one for being mean to other people, no
Like when I was a boy and went to church
With the big steeple, yeah

But you have gone too far over the line
I wish if I'd had a button
Rewind, rewind, rewind

Because you're brainwashed, yeah
You are; you know it's true
Because you're brainwashed, yeah
Did you think that I would see through all those lies?
'Cause you're just offering a batch of shit pies

I gotta say it made my day
To be best friends with you
What happened to the person that I once knew?
You know it's true, yeah

I make a motion that we sit down
And talk this whole thing out
Or are you too much of a child
Still want to be a little Boy Scout?

"When friends like you who need some friends,"
Someone once said,
"I'd rather put a bullet into my
Big head, big head, big head."

You know it's true, yeah
Because you're brainwashed, yeah
Believe me, yeah, can't you see?
Life has many possibilities

Brainwashed, yeah, brainwashed


Written by:

Ben Folds

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