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​Venus You're A Sunbeam

This song is by Ben Christophers.

The Serpents Tale
Glides past my window
And I just can't see you here
While those stray eyes move through me

Venus you're a Sunbeam
Venus you're in my Blood
In your search Lights I'm recovered
After Solom sank the Rainbow

A seance in me
Confessed Love in the provence of your Heart
And it solved these lines in my face
I'm spilled and my Soul has been touched
So I reach out over a haze of dark Angels
Hold me when I'm wired
Don't leave without my hand in yours

So Venus you're a sunbeam

You stood among the Branches of my mind
Where sombre words dissolved
And hope became the anchor
Mine is the Portrait of Eden
When fears turn to Asprins and the Devils Heart was broken

So Venus you're a sunbeam
Venus you're in my blood
In your search lights I'm recovered
After solom sank the Rainbow