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This song is by Ben's Brother and appears on the album Battling Giants (2009).

It was a love light
And it was fleeting
And if you'd looked to me
You would have seen it
With your own eyes
It would have moved you
It stayed inside of me
It didn't pass straight through you
Exposing you to weakness
As it ran through
Hurt you more than it was meant to

Why are you looking at me
Why you looking at me
Like I'm needing therapy
Why are you looking at me
Why you looking at me
When it's you who really needs it
To help you understand, understand
Who'll supposed to beat you
'Cause when you and I break through
When you and I break through

It's in your make up
Part of your system
You take my words
And then you twist them
It didn't take long
How can you bear it
You run away
We're not even there yet
Ooh ah it feels like I mean nothing to you
Ooh ah when you treat me like push me pull you

Tell me what it takes to make you whole
Tell me how much more pain I must take
To make you notice
Love is just surrendering control
So far I'm the one who's come the closest

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