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Subhuman Nature

This song is by Belvedere and appears on the album Fast Forward Eats The Tape (2004).

FUCK YOU, will be message number one
with several clever jabs to follow that one
so sit there smirking you waste of skin
this time we've seen enough,
it's the nature of your deficiency, ridicule, ignorance

oh it's so unfair, are you feeling persecuted
funny it's amazing how negativity retreats
so dye your hair now, raise your gauge
cause we've,
we've seen enough this time we've had enough
it's the nature of your deficiency

i know you'll follow the next wave,
i know you'll jump on the next craze
i know you'll follow the next wave

read the, right, magazines and shove them up your ass
cause we've, we've seen enough

this is a call to appreciate,
the notes ideas, not the mimicry
the fashion, lies or accessories

i know, i know

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