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Death And The Lady

This song is by Bellowhead and appears on the album Burlesque (2006).

As I walked out alone one day
All in the merry month of May
I met an old man on my way
All in the morning early

His head was bald his beard was grey
His cheeks were like the mortal clay
I asked him how he came that way
All in the morning early

My name is Death oh don't you see
Lords, dukes and squires bow down to me
And you must come along with me
All in the morning early

I'll give you gold and riches rare
I'll give you costly robes to wear
I'll give you all my earthly share
If you'll spare me a little while longer

Lady leave your robes aside
No longer glory in your pride
No more in life you may abide
So come along with me

And then the mortal toll was paid
And all alone this pretty maid
By death so cruelly was betrayed
And we all come stumbling after

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