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If Living Is Without You

This song is by Bellefire and appears on the album After The Rain (2001).

Timeless like a picture
Moments trapped in ice
Memories that sparkle in my mind
Colours in the river
Reflections make me smile
Ripples of a heart that echos mine

I've come to know so much of love
I can't forget
And though you're gone threre's not a moment
I regret

If living is without you
I will face it and be strong
No one's touched my life like you have
I'm so grateful we were one
If I'd never come to know you then
I'd never feel this pain
But there's nothing that we share
That I would change

Golden layers of fire
Burning in the sky
Drowning out the shadows with their light

Sometimes it's hard to understand the reasons why
We both believe there is no end, no goodbye

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