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I Wish I Could But I Can't

This song is by Bellefire and appears on the album After The Rain (2001).

There you go again...comin' on to me
Like nothing here has changed
You just don't wanna know, can't you see I've let you go, baby

Get it thru your head...we're history
You've misinterpreted
The way I feel for you so what's a girl to do

I'm sorry if I sound cruel and insensitive
But I've got my life to live

(I wish I could but I can't)
Say it in a nice way, end it the right way
But you're not hearing what I say
(wish you would but you won't)
Boy why won't you wake up, there'll be no kiss and make up...
This time
Wish I could but I can't

Won't make promises that I can't keep
I can't go back again (can't be that weak)
Gotta be strong while I can but you don't understand

I'm not a damsel in a tower, you can't rescue me
With apologies and flowers
I'm tryin to make it clear, I just don't want you here

I'm sorry if I sound cruel and insensitive
But I've got my life to live


Made a promise to myself
That any self respecting girl
Would never let herself be put in a position
where she
Stays in a love that's wrong
Stays where she don't belong
She's weak when she should be strong

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