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I Can Make You Fall In Love Again

This song is by Bellefire and appears on the album After The Rain (2001).

Let me break it down
It's not that complicated
I know I've done you wrong
But I can make it right

I was lost and insecure
You might say careless with your heart
I made you cry, now let me try
To dry your tears
Oh let me stay a little longer

I, I can make you fall in love again
I can make you want me back again and then
Maybe you'll forgive me baby I
I can make you give your heart again
Take another chance to trust me and then
I can make you fall in love again

Now don't be so defensive
To get this thing to work
I need to reach your heart

Cause I gotta make you see
That you mean the world to me
That we're still okay, that we're far away
From falling down
So let me stay a little longer


You're lost and undecided
Only love can pull you through
Have a change of heart
Don't fight it any longer
Let it be a brand new start

I, I can make you fall...

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