Bellefire:Get You Out Of My Mind Lyrics

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Get You Out Of My Mind

This song is by Bellefire and appears on the album After The Rain (2001).

It was the last time we met
I really try to forget
Though I knew it all along
I felt so sure I was that strong
But no

It all happened so quick
There was no way to control it
What am I supposed to do?
Now that I'm in love with you
My love

I must face this fact
I won't take this fight
I got to leave it all behind

I wish that I could get you out of my mind
I want to take away the pain that I'm feeling within
Every word you said came a minute too late
Now I know you're gone
And it feels so wrong
I got to get you out of my mind

I guess it's all up to you
There's nothing I'm going to do
I'm dreaming about you night and day
Should I just let it fade away

Got to face the fact
I must do what's right
I could tell you
But it wouldn't be fair


You just came into my world
I just opened the door
How could I be such a fool
Now all I think about is you

Chorus x 2