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Anywhere, Anytime

This song is by Bellefire and appears on the album After The Rain (2001).

There's no use in playin' it cool
Hidin' the feelin's I'm feelin' for you
'Cause when you're near gets harder to breath
An' if this is love can't get enough you see

An' I don't care what they say I should do
'Cause I know when it comes down to you

I would go anywhere, anytime baby say the word
To prove that this heart of mine is yours
No matter what it takes I'll see it through do anything
To get to you
Anywhere, anytime

There's no use in tryin' to resist
I knew I was lost when I tasted your kiss
An' I can feel my heart racin' like a shootin' star
Across the sky at the speed of light to get to you

An' I don't know where it's leadin' me to
But I know when it comes down to you

You're always in my heart
However near or far
I'll get to where you are
Anytime, Anywhere

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