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Real Love

This song is by Belle Perez and appears on the album Everything (2002) and on the album Que Viva La Vida (2005).

Be my boy of golden sunlight
In the morning when I wake up
With you
Be my boy so bad tonight
This is a warning be my boy
We can make a symphony
Out of a sound bite just watch me baby
Feel my body while we're dancin'
Come on honey that's what I like

All I wanna do I wanna do baby
All I wanna do is get the most out of
Our precious time
I'll give you real love
So hot you know it's cool baby
I'll give you real love
I'll get you in the mood ooh yeah

Be my boy just let's get down and make some real love
I can take it baby
Be my boy I want you now
Give me a good time
That's what I like


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