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Never Ever

This song is by Belle Perez and appears on the album Everything (2002).

Original video
Thinking of you all the time
every second brings you closer
hey now I can't wait till we meet again
Wanna kiss and hold you tight
knowing we can stay together
hey now don't be late
on you I can depend

No one else can make me feel the wayI feel about you baby
Want to get up close to you
that's all that I need

Never ever gonna get enough
I want your love to last forever
Never ever gonna give you up
I've known from the start
Never ever ever ain't long enough
we're strong enough to make it happen
never gonna be without you now
you've captured my heart

What I really feel inside
doesn't take too much explaining
hey now that's all right
Cos you understand
If I ever lose my way I know you will
always find me
hey now show me how
come and take my hand

No one else can make me feel the way I feel about you baby
want to get up close to you
that's all i need


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