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Light Of My Life

This song is by Belle Perez and appears on the album Que Viva La Vida (2005).

Original video
The light of my life

He was young and restless
A loner in the night
She felt so defenceless
Passion in their eyes

He could be so charming
Cool Latino style
Dangerous, disarming
Captivating smile

He was a love that could never be
Doesn't occure every day
Something to keep for eternity
Hold on tight you'll find a way

I can feel the power inside
Taking full control
I can feel your energy now
Deep into my soul

Love generates electricity.
Lighting a flame in the night
Come on and shine, come on and shine
You are - the light of my life, Light of my life

I can feel the power inside
Deep into my soul

She was so attractive
Innocent and pure
He was tall and handsome
With a love that had no cure

Matches made in heaven
Rivals made on earth
Time will tell the story
Of a love and what it's worth

They didn't care, lovers never do
Paying the ultimate price
Being together was all they knew
Hold on tight and don't think twice


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