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Dear Catastrophe Waitress

This song is by Belle and Sebastian and appears on the album Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003).

Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
I'm sorry if you seem to have the weight of the world over you
I cherish your smile
There's a word of peace on you lips
Say it, and with tenderness I'll cherish you
I'll cherish you

Dear Catastrophe Girlfriend
Dear Catastrophe Girlfriend
I'm sorry if he hit you with a full can of Coke
It's no joke
Your face is bleeding
You'll soon be leaving this town to the clowns who worship
No one but themselves
No one but themselves

I hate feeling this way
I hate feeling this way
I know that you hate it too
Now that your coffee's growing cold
All of the customers look so old
Honey, if I could be so bold

Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
I'm sorry if the kids hold you in cool disregard
I know it's hard
Stick to what you know
You'll blow them all to the wall
When they realise what you've been working for
What you've been working for
You've been working for

Written by:

Belle and Sebastian

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