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Pretty Mess (2005)Edit

Bella - Pretty Mess
Pretty Mess
  1. Go
  2. Can She Play Guitar
  3. Crystal Tears
  4. Watching You
  5. Coast to Coast
  6. Upstairs
  7. On the Mend
  8. Hooray for Andy Autio
  9. Summer
  10. Car Crash

No One Will Know (2007)Edit

Bella - No One Will Know
No One Will Know
  1. Give It a Night
  2. Stay Here
  3. No One Will Know
  4. Don't Sleep Alone
  5. Ocean or a Lakeshore
  6. Settle Down
  7. For the Last Time
  8. Go
  9. Unless You're Golden
  10. Camelot
  11. We Said Goodbye
  12. Didn't Mean to Break Our Love

Other SongsEdit

  1. Crystal Tears (Remix)
  2. Loose Control
  3. Nobody Loves Me (The R.O.A.R. Re-Dux)

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