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This song is by Bel Canto and appears on the album Birds Of Passage (1989).

The key to your box, it is out of my reach
I've been searching for it so long
If I could live in the open sea
I would surely have found the one
And I'd open the lid
Look in
See stones

Here by the shore, it's so quiet
And no pebbles for miles around
It's getting dark, and I wonder
If I ever will find my love
So please open the lid and bring the stones
'cause the answer must come
from you

See I need some very few of
You blue pebbles
I don't want
To wait anymore
Oh, equitime points
Should I stay or go?

Tell me why do you hide inside the deep
With your jewellery box, the stones, the key
In the wave-clutter I can see your hair
Why won't you come near?
Why don't you dare?

See I need some very few of
You blue pebbles
No real love; no aquamarines
Equitime points
Should I stay or go?
I need a truehearted lover
Mermaid, bring me those stones