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Here We Go

This song is by Beit Nun and Dan Bull and appears on the EP Brandy Night (2015).

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Beit Nun
Here we go
We had you waitin' for this collaboration
Me and Dan been savin' this moment, you know we've been doin' tracks for ages
Before I was smashin' stages with four-max, and
Before his album Safe, before the music made his channel famous
We shared a passion for stayin' up late, on cognac and gettin' lashed off our faces
And recommendin' each other songs we should add to our playlists
9 years later, we've actually made this
Welcome to brandy night bring a bottle, let's have it right
Gather round, and lend us your ears as we pass the mic
Raw, nothin' is sacrificed
Pure, put here in black and white in a 6 course platter, nourish your appetite
This is organic and home grown pick your own
And then drink till you're in the zone
We're 'bout to school you in the art of writin'
You wanna recommend your friends to our stuff, but you can't describe it

Dan Bull
I'm Clark Kent, the microphone's my phone box
Soon as I step inside that booth, my fricking flow drops
Like a ton of bricks, my YouTube gets a ton of clicks
When it comes to my particular specific niche I'm running shit

Beit Nun
Here we go
Bet you thought this would never come to fruition
But trust me, this was my number 1 mission
See, my book wasn't finished, somethin' was missin'
So this is more than just a little number to bump in your system

Dan Bull
It's Dan and Ben, the human form of pad and pen
Came through before, we're back again, troubadours who rap intense
Imbue with awe, we're packing dense metaphors without pretense
If every story has an end you better tell it then, tell 'em Ben

Beit Nun
Nah, not yet ready to close the chapter
No spoilers, not givin' anythin' away mate, it's cloak and dagger
I'm the ghost of the manor
Hip hop is dead, but I stay promotin' these rappers with stickers posters and banners

Dan Bull
I think the unthinkable, print the unprintable
Paint the invisible and sink the unsinkable, you imbecile
I'm a man with principles, I am invincible
And unequivocally inexplicably irresistible
Come and touch the bull, I'm untouchable
Not gonna budge at all I'll bust your balls, crushed with force
Giving them the consistency of that when lumpy custard pours
Fuck the bird's eye, I've got the bullseye, adjust the scores
I spray the freshest tones although I'm made of flesh and bones
And though I may be lesser known than Drake or Jay-Z, let it go
I'm in a spot beyond comparison, but not just arrogant
I'm having fun while other rappers call a cab, I run the marathon
My Moses raps part the waves coast to coast from
Antarctica to the heart of any dart that you can throw at the map
You don't come close to being dope as that, you hopeless prat
I push the envelope like Postman Pat

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