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Disc One
  1. Flowers
  2. My Star
  3. Razor Fields
  4. Dreams
  5. Day Like Today
  6. Nearer
  7. Close To You
  8. Fate
  9. Hate The Day
  10. Conquest / Visions
Disc Two
  1. Flowers (Club Mix By Olaf Wollschläger)
  2. My Star (Goja Moon Rockah Remix)
  3. Razor Fields (Remixed By Noyce Tm)
  4. Razor Fields (Rewired By 8Khz Mono)
  5. Dreams (Raven Park Remix)
  6. Day Like Today (Remixed By M.r. C Bomb R. C)
  7. Day Like Today (Remixed By Behind The Scenes)
  8. Nearer (Remixed By Essexx)
  9. Close To You (Fullplugged Closer Mix By Fred B.)
  10. Fate (Remixed By A Spell Inside)
  11. Hate The Day (Remixed By Adam P.)

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