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​Fucking Bastards

This song is by Behind Enemy Lines and appears on the album Know Your Enemy (2002).

You claim that you're trying to cure disease
Does destroying life make you pleased?
Senseless tests with nothing to prove
Destruction of animals is what you choose
Taxpayer's money supplies the fuel
For experiments that are torture, irrelevant and cruel
Blinding the public with a corporate lie
When it all comes back to you, there's nowhere to hide
Not only is vivisection a despicable violent crime
But it's also an absolute waste of fucking time
Animal's lives were meant to be free
Not to be burned or forced to bleed
Ripped from their families, fear in their eyes
It's all out of greed, there's no disguise
Locked in a cage with nowhere to run
Delirious and drugged, soaking in blood
A scientist is what you're not
You're just a fiend with a murdering plot
Conscience erased, you're drowning in shame
It's their life not your fucking game
You can hide from the public but I know the truth
It's not a career, it's fucking abuse