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The Thousand Plagues I Witness

This song is by Behemoth and appears on the album Pandemonic Incantations (1998).

One eyed old man I am
Yet I possess the knowledge of thousand sages
An unborn child I am
Though I have existed for billion years
The invisible army I am
Though the won battle still to come
The father of ambitious and disappointing I am
Brother in sin and abasement
I was Judas in your dream
Who worshiped money above all
I was the Roman warrior
Who wounded you and drank the divine blood
I was Pilate on your trial
Who spat in your pale face
Each thorn was a sinful spell
Each nail the fulfillment of the revenge
For which I have been waiting for so many years
Hatred for thousand holy heads
And also that many daggers pointed at their visages
The fallen angels, mythical daemons
Triumphant in their blasphemy
I am Gordon, my name is annihilation
I am the thousand plagues and afflictions

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