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This song is by Behemoth and appears on the album The Apostasy (2007).

background lead: Seth

in my church ov disbelief
it canst get no better
when days turn from black to grey
in church ov indifference
so innocent in their guilt
perfect in their imperfection
let my children play

lead: Seth

in my church ov liberation
when doubts and fears wither away
I stand alone vs. the world
in the church ov man
where god is trapped in human flesh
I never pray
in church ov pain
I spoil none but myself
yet my monologue's unheard

lead: Seth

in my church ov hope
yearning for Thy sweet embrace
the waters ov Styx I have crossed
in this church ov sulphur rain
flaming mouth ov Sheol
in my church ov broken word
it's so little that I ask
the brightest ov the days
the darkest ov the nights

lead: Nergal

what once was
I wish no longer be
fear ov separation is no more
one cosmic breath-the whole eternity
unbroken flow ov awareness conquers entropy

the voyager, bathed in venusian rays
let them shine thru me
split the seas
awake inner divinity
the flame ov awareness comes to my eyes

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