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Heru Ra Ha

This song is by Behemoth and appears on the album Zos Kia Cultus (2002).

Heru Ra Ha
Flaming tongue of art
Awake the lion's strength
Consumed by the ancient breath
Diffracted ray of Ra
Send me on thy wings
Devour all fears that I breed
And come, as I summon thee

Ia ta ba et
Ia azhi da ha ka

Ra Hoor Khu
By ithyphallic spell
Skin illuminates deep within
I invoke thy names
Spirits ov the earth
Crush the slaves ov dog
Open the gates
Ov liberated will!

Ia ta ba et
Ia azhi da ha ka

Heru Ra Ha
Let me see in the dark
Wisdom of which I fear not
And mute the weakness in my heart
Let there be might
Sothis raised we await
The Mighty One from above
Multitude of stars transform into God

Ia ta ba et
Ia azhi da ha ka

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