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This song is by Beck and appears on the album Odelay (1996).

The last survivor of a boiled crown
Another casualty with the casual frown
The janitor vandals they bark in your face
Juveniles with the piles and paste

It's a sensation
A bankrupt corpse
In the garbage grasses
With the crutches and forks

Don't be confused when your fuse is up
And you're taking a leak into your brother's cup
When the cup is filled you can run or be killed
In the billion miles of the muscles that build

Feeling the force
Vomiting whores

The scalps of zero hailing the call
Rubbing in the blindness of them all
With the canker sores and the robot pills
Throwing imbeciles on the window sills

It's a sensation
A bankrupt corpse
In the garbage classes
With the crutches of force


Written by:

Beck, John King, Michael Simpson

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