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Cyanide Breath Mint

This song is by Beck and appears on the album One Foot in the Grave (1994).

This is the wrong place to be
There's blood on the futon
And there's a kid drinkin' fire

Goin' down to the sea
They got people to meet
Shakin' hands with themselves
Lookin' out for themselves

When they ask you for credit
Give them a branch
When they want you to get it
Chew on the grass

I know, I know
'Cause they told me to tell you
There's nothing to tell you
There's nothing to sell you

In the afternoon
Ridin' the scapegoat
Burning equipment

Cool off your jets
Take off your sweats
I got a funny feeling
They got plastic in the after life

When they want you to cry
Leap into the sky
When they suck your mind
Like a pigeon you'll fly

I know, I know
It's the postive people
Runnin' from their time
Lookin' for some feeling

Written by:

Beck Hansen

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