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Cold Brains

This song is by Beck and appears on the album Mutations (1998).

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Cold Brains
Cold brains, unmoved
Untouched, unglued
Alone at last
No thoughts, no mind
To rot behind
A trail of disasters

A final curse
Abandoned hearse
We ride disowned
Corroded to the bone

The fields of green
Are bent, obscene
I lay upon the gravel
A worm of hope
A hangman's rope
Pulls me one way or the other

A final curse
Abandoned hearse
We write this song
Corroded to the bone

A bird of song
Is heard no longer
In the evacuated heavens
The drain is drawn
And drained and gone
And on and on, it doesn't matter

A final curse
Abandoned hearse
We rock the salt
Corroded to the bone

Written by:

Beck Hansen

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