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On The Borderline

This song is by Bec Cartwright.

You got it, I want it, gotta get up on it,
Coz it's more than a feeling, are you receiving me?
Say it, do it, gotta get up to it, coz it's love that I'm needing,
Got to be free.
Touch by touch (yeah-yeah), side by side, little by little, can you satisfy?

Fill me up with your love coz you know that I can never get enough,
So be good to this heart of mine.
Get me high on desire, now it's you and me together,
Baby, why keep me waiting on the borderline.

Move it, use it, are you gonna prove it baby,
No hesitating, boy are you hearing me?
Take it, make it, are you gonna fake it,
Better get me the feeling, you know what I need.
Face by face, eye to eye, little by little, let the feeling rise.


Don't stop baby, ride with me one more time,
One touch of your loving's got me mesmerised.
Feel the need in me, keep me on the line.
Build me up (borderline, borderline).
Touch by touch (yeah-yeah), side by side, little by little, can you satisfy?

Chorus x 2

On the borderline, on the borderline, on the borderline...

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