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This song is by Beborn Beton and appears on the album Tybalt (1993).

The street's running under our feet
Worlds between us, although you're near me
The cold came creeping in the night
And this rain weakens my brain
Hate is the kiss when you awake
A vision of a red red rose
So the clown starts his last song
While a light ends the sun

Now we're 200 miles away from the sea
And I'm standing in the doorway
Your eyes are lying at me still
And then you slowly shut the door

The smell of death is hanging in the air
And I see little children burning
While it rains dead cats and dogs
I look to the sky, where's a god?

Can't you see it's torture for me
And this is why I hate you now,
All I want is to forget you
I can live without you now

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