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To Tell You The Truth

This song is by Beborn Beton and appears on the album Concrete Ground (1994).

To tell you the truth. I really do repent with all my heart.
The nights we couldnt stop the fighting.
To tell you the truth, I cant remember when it all began.
But now Im seeking for forgiveness.

Hey, believe me when I say
I curse the day that I left you standing in the doorway.

To tell you the truth, my mind is hooked on you and words you say
are itching in my memory
To tell you the truth,with every touch your hand has to give
My skin begins to shiver

The feelings that I have for you
You doubt them as if they wernt true
And everytime, I prove my love. You judged me from above.

So here I am

I told you the truth. You know you always can rely on me.
Now its time to show your faith in me.

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